Fleshbot x Cybersocket Lands ‚Sorry for Asking‘ Podcast

Fleshbot x Cybersocket Lands 'Sorry for Asking' Podcast

LOS ANGELES — Fleshbot x Cybersocket is adding Cole Connor and Adam Ramzi’s popular „Sorry for Asking“ podcast to the site’s network.

„From talking shop to sharing stories about their experiences in porn, the show gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the life and reflections of queer adult content creators,“ said a rep. „Between their conversations and the parade of guests that join them, ‚Sorry for Asking‘ asks all the sexy questions you were too afraid to ask.“

Ramzi enthused about the partnership.

„I’m so excited about partnering with Fleshbot x Cybersocket to help us grow our platform and reach even more listeners,“ he said. „I love what we’re doing here, and I am so excited about all the conversations we are going to have with guests and with each other, and hopefully respond to many listeners’ inquiries about the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to creating and consuming adult content.“

Connor echoed his co-host’s excitement.

„Adam and I are so excited to put out our second season of ‚Sorry for Asking,'“ he said. „This season, we are going to have amazing guests, great conversations, and a ton of fun. With our new studio space provided by Fleshbot x Cybersocket, we now have both audio and video versions of every new episode.“

For more information, visit Fleshbox x Cybersocket online. – Gay

2023-02-09 23:10:45

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