Fleshbot Live’s July Broadcast Features Judas King, King Dwarf

Fleshbot Live's July Broadcast Features Judas King, King Dwarf

LOS ANGELES — This month’s episode of Fleshbot Live Powered by Cybersocket will feature a Fan Q&A via chat room and streaming video with creators and “Go Go for the Gold” contestants Judas King and King Dwarf.

The episode will broadcast on Tuesday, at 5:30 p.m. (PDT). Fleshbot Gay Director and on-air personality Alexander Rodriguez and Fleshbot Gay Editor Josh will host the live session.

Judas King, a rep explained, “is one of Los Angeles‘ busiest, most sought-after go-go dancers, and the list of reasons is a long one. He’s got a charming demeanor, his body is a piece of art — and his collection of tattoos and piercings only add to it — and his ass just doesn’t quit for a single second.”

Judas King is one of the competitors in the second season of Out TV’s “Go Go For the Gold,” alongside this month’s Cybersocket Stud, King Dwarf.

“New Jersey native King Dwarf might be short in height, but he’s packing a giant below the dance belt,” the rep noted.

Fans will be able to ask the duo anything and everything, as they answer in real-time, live in the studio. To participate, log on to and register as a user or as a guest.

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2023-07-14 16:34:29

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