Falcon/NakedSword Releases 1st Scene of ‚Cruising Confidential‘ From Raging Stallion

Falcon/NakedSword Releases 1st Scene of 'Cruising Confidential' From Raging Stallion

SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon/NakedSword is debuting the first scene of „Cruising Confidential“ from studio imprint Raging Stallion, featuring exclusive Drew Valentino and Ian Holms.

„Cruising Confidential“ is directed by Tony Dimarco, with the first scene featuring voiceover by Derek Kage.

As the action opens, Valentino is sitting in his car in a dimly-lit construction company parking lot, „the perfect spot to find a man that knows how to work with his hands,“ said a rep. „Soon enough, he spots Ian Holms pulling up, giving a knowing glance, and getting out of his car to service Drew’s cock through his driver’s side window. Ian opens the door to go down on the brooding, tattooed stranger before bending over to let Drew tongue and bareback his hairy hole.“

Dimarco shared his excitement over the premise, and praised his co-stars.

“So many of the fantasies that have been relayed to me over the years are at the heart of ‘Cruising Confidential,’” he said. “And at the top of the list is every guy’s number one wet dream of pulling up and getting fucked by a stranger in an empty parking lot. The raw energy from Drew Valentino and Ian Holms is both palpable and unparalleled. I knew they’d be the perfect men to make this come to life.”

The scene premieres tomorrow on RagingStallion; the full title will be available for digital download and on DVD at the Falcon/NakedSword store.

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2022-12-01 22:20:09

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