Falcon/NakedSword Debuts Full Version of ‚Well Bred‘

Falcon/NakedSword Debuts Full Version of 'Well Bred'

SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon/NakedSword has released the full version of „Well Bred,“ the latest release from studio brand Raging Stallion.

Directed by Tony Dimarco, the title features studio exclusives Cole Connor, Drew Valentino and Luca del Rey along with Justin Jett, Alex Ink, Brogan, Miguel Rey, Holden Flex, Devin Franco, and the Falcon/NakedSword debut of Bravo reality star Lobo Carreira.

As the action opens, „burly landscaper Justin Jett is welcoming himself inside the home of Lobo Carreira and Alex Ink and joining the horny couple for a midday three-way,“ the synopsis reveals. „Then, just down the road, Brogan is bent over and snapping hole pics in his hotel suite when Miguel Rey walks by and takes the opportunity to drill his ass.“

Dimarco enthused about the release.

„‚Well Bred‘ features a stunning cast of perfectly furry men,“ he said. „The sweaty bareback action practically drips off the screen, and the sexual tension among all of the couples is palpable.“

„Well Bred“ is available on digital download and DVD from the Falcon/NakedSword store; individual scenes are streaming on RagingStallion.

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2023-05-05 14:54:12

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