Falcon/NakedSword Art Director Sister Roma Honored by the State of California

Falcon/NakedSword Art Director Sister Roma Honored by the State of California

SACRAMENTO — Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence drag performer/activist and Falcon/NakedSword Art Director Sister Roma was honored today by the California legislature as part of the resolution declaring June “LGBTQ+ Pride Month” at the Capitol.

The legislature’s LGBTQ Caucus invited Roma, tennis player Billie Jean King, Harry Lit and filmmaker Eugene Lee Yang and others to be part of the celebration, gay news site The Advocate reported.

A standing ovation greeted Roma, who was invited by Sen. Scott Wiener for her and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’s work on behalf of the state and global LGBTQ+ community, with duties she describes as “activist, fundraiser, public speaker, Master of Ceremonies and glamorous clown.”

“We literally minister to our community,” Roma told the LA Times this week. “We spread joy, we feed the hungry, we provide supplies and care to the unhoused community, we minister to the sick, we support the youth. My existence is not an attack on your faith. The problem is some people use their faith as an attack on my existence.”

Roma got her introduction to the adult industry through her best friend and longtime Falcon employee, Michael Youens (aka drag performer Shanté), she told XBIZ’s JC Adams in 2021.

“It was friendships with [directors] Chi Chi LaRue and Steven Scarborough that really brought me into the fold. I started doing freelance graphic work and eventually Steven hired me as his art director,“ she reminisced. „A few years later, [then-president] John Rutherford suggested to [owner] Tim Valenti that I would be a good co-host for a new live-format adult industry online talk show he was producing and ‘The Tim and Roma Show’ was born. Thanks to lifelong friendships and successful business relationships like these, I have always felt completely at home in the adult industry. I am very proud of my career and I love my big porn family.” – Gay

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