Eli Bennet Inks Exclusive Deal With Carnal Media

LOS ANGELES — Studpup Eli Bennet has inked an exclusive contract with Carnal Media and recently made his company debut with a master/sub fantasy role-play scenario on BoyForSale.com.

„Hot boy summer just got a little hotter,“ exclaimed a studio rep.

Bennet joins a bulging roster of swordsmen that includes Bishop Angus, Cole Blue, Peter Pounder and Austin L. Young.

Carnal co-founder, CEO and performer Legrand Wolf noted they „snapped up“ Bennet at the first opportunity.

„He’s stunning and handsome, of course,“ said Wolf, who noted the performer’s desire to „be a part of the BoyForSale world, which he expressed pretty early on after meeting us, and made him a natural for our sites.“

„He’s a fun-sized boy — where else could he be than the home of FunSizeBoys.com? And, yes, we’re already filming his FunSizeBoys releases,“ Wolf added. „Finally, his personality and work ethic are second-to-none. Over the last few weeks of filming together and getting to know one another, he’s been an absolutely fantastic addition to the team.

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