Disruptive Films Releases Starry Sci-Fi Tale ‚The Robots‘

Disruptive Films Releases Starry Sci-Fi Tale 'The Robots'

MONTREAL — Disruptive Films has released „The Robots“ from studio brand Deep Inside starring Brandon Anderson and Dalton Riley.

Disruptive, from director Bree Mills and Alpha Studio Group, earned the 2022 XBIZ Award for „Gay Movie of the Year“ for its debut feature, „The Last Course.“

The new sci-fi title features Elena Koshka and Tommy Pistol as a married couple „desperate to grow a family who decide to build the perfect son using artificial intelligence technology,“ described a rep. „When their first robot TIM (Riley) turns out to be a bad apple, they turn towards their newer version, TOM (Anderson), to provide everything the couple has dreamed of — a polite and well-behaved perfect man.“

TOM is „the perfect son inside-out-out, and he’s also curious about TIM, who remains inactive in his bedroom,“ the rep continued.

Mills noted that one of her favorite aspects of Disruptive is „our call-to-action to disrupt the status quo when it comes to adult casting overall.“

„Historically, the gay and straight sides of our industry have been extremely segregated and that was something I really wanted to challenge,“ she said. „We have been so blessed to have many award-winning and acclaimed performers come and shoot acting roles in our episodes. Just because they aren’t the ones having sex in the scene doesn’t mean we can’t extend interesting and valuable roles for adult actors across the board.“

„Elena and Tommy were amazing and it was such a joy to work with them on this project alongside our ‚robots,‘ Dalton and Brandon, who were wonderful in the lead roles,“ Mills continued. „Any of my fans of Future Darkly who enjoy male-on-male stories will enjoy this one as well.“

Find „The Robots“ on and follow the studio on Twitter and YouTube.

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