Disruptive Films Releases Bree Mills‘ ‚Playdate: The Good Boy‘

Disruptive Films Releases Bree Mills' 'Playdate: The Good Boy'

MONTREAL — Disruptive Films is rolling out writer-director Bree Mills‘ „Playdate: The Good Boy“ from studio brand Taboo Men. The title will be released Friday, April 8.

Disruptive won the 2022 XBIZ Award for „Gay Movie of the Year“ for its first feature release, „The Last Course.“

Costar Ryan Jordan reprises his role as „James“ from the original „Playdate.“ The action picks up a few months after the earlier installment concluded with James now engaged to Sarah (April Olsen, in a nonsex role).

„After months of leading a conflicted double life with Sarah’s brother, James finally feels the relationship in his rear view mirror, until he is introduced to Sarah’s cousin Leo (Chris Damned), who’s got an even bigger surprise in store for James. His submission is not ending, it’s just changing hands,“ a rep said.

Mills added, „‚Playdate‘ is one of our most popular Taboo Men stories. So, like any good story, we felt it deserved an even more nefarious sequel.“

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