Disruptive Films Debuts Thriller ‚Thornbrush Bed & Breakfast‘

Disruptive Films Debuts Thriller 'Thornbrush Bed & Breakfast'

MONTREAL — Brock Banks and Nico Coopa star in the psychological thriller „Thornbrush Bed & Breakfast“ from Disruptive Films.

The action, under the direction of Walden Woods, follows Banks as „Pat Thornbrush, the inn’s proprietor and resident pervert,“ noted a rep, alongside Coopa as Madison Graves, whose car breaks down „alongside the road just outside of town, leading him directly into Thornbrush’s creepy web.“

Woods noted his leading men „really bring to life two characters that have an interesting dynamic, to say the least.“

„‚Thornbrush Bed & Breakfast‘ brings front-and-center a new character we haven’t seen before and their internal struggle and temptations,“ the director added. „Our entire team really had an amazing time and we truly think you will love the plot twist.“

Visit Disruptive Films, part of the Gamma Entertainment network, online and on Twitter.

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