Disruptive Films Debuts 1st DP Scene in 'For You, I Will'

MONTREAL — Disruptive Films has debuted its first DP scene with the release of the second chapter of its erotic thriller, „For You, I Will.“

Co-directed by Jessica Jasmin, Michael Vegas and Siouxsie Q, the scene stars Jay Tee, Blain O’Connor and Roman Todd, with the stars of the first chapter, Carter Woods and Dante Colle, in non-sex roles.

„Part 2 shines a spotlight on Carter Woods as Wyatt, a young man with his sights set on his obsession, Cory Potts (Colle),“ the synopsis reveals. „When Wyatt follows Cory to a bathhouse, he sees just how much Cory wants to get away from his life (and his wife). Wyatt loses track of Cory in the bathhouse, but finds himself distracted by a sizzling threesome with Jay Tee, Blain O’Connor and Roman Todd.“

O’Connor enthused about the shoot.

„Being a part of the threesome was such an awesome experience, and it was so hot being with Jay Tee and Roman,“ he said. „I loved showing off my bottoming skill with a DP.“

Jasmin praised the three co-stars.

„This was the first scene we shot for the movie, and it set the tone for the rest of the shoot with the high energy and out-of-this-world performances,“ she said. „It was such a pleasure to get to shoot with Roman and Blain again and to work with Jay Tee for the first time.“

The scene is streaming on DisruptiveFilms.

Follow the studio on X.com.


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2023-08-31 15:57:00

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