Devin Franco Leads Blue-Collar ‚Caulk Job‘ for Raging Stallion

Devin Franco Leads Blue-Collar 'Caulk Job' for Raging Stallion

SAN FRANCISCO — Studio exclusive Devin Franco leads all-male, blue-collar sexfest „Caulk Job“ for Raging Stallion Studios and director Tony Dimarco.

Raging Stallion teased out the full release with the online debut of sexplay featuring castmates Chris Damned, Marco Napoli and Isaac X. Fellow studs Jack Andy and Nate Grimes fill out the cast.

„Chris catches Isaac and Marco messing around on the job and joins in taking turns on their holes,“ noted a rep. „Jack is taking a piss in a port-o-potty when Nate accidentally walks in and gets his eager ass bred. Devin is working late on his stilts and Jack comes in to keep him company and fuck his hole. And Chris comes in to check Isaac’s work and fuck his ass on some scaffolding.“

„When you need to get your hole filled with big dick during a hard day’s work, count on the men of ‘Caulk Job’ to get the job done right and leave you begging for more,“ the rep enthused.

“Grab your hard hat and your hard cock,“ said Dimarco. „These sexy construction hunks have one thing in mind and that’s using each other’s poles and holes for your pleasure.“

Tim Valenti, president of Raging Stallion parent company Falcon/NakedSword, praised the cast’s chemistry.

“Tony and his blue-collar cast really know how to get the ‘Caulk Job’ done in this new feature,

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