DeAngelo Jackson Leads ‚The Cummuter‘ Cast for

DeAngelo Jackson Leads 'The Cummuter' Cast for

LOS ANGELES — is teasing the forthcoming premiere of „The Commuter“ starring exclusives DeAngelo Jackson and Theo Brady.

The two-part comic adventure, set to go live Friday, August 6, also features Johnny B, Chris Damned and Ty Mitchell.

“What an amazing experience to work with a talented cast on another creative and exciting set,“ Production Director Ryan Cash said. “It was a great decision pairing Theo and DeAngelo together. Theo left the set saying that DeAngelo was his favorite pairing to date — a professional, talented and genuinely sweet person.“

“When Chris entered the [set], his first reaction was that it brought him back to a commuter train in France,“ noted Cash. „The sex was undeniably hot. It was nice to see a whole cast of performers on set who really enjoy acting. The laughs both on-set and -off made the series memorable.

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