Dante Colle Lands Mainstream Interview with Instinct Magazine

Dante Colle Lands Mainstream Interview with Instinct Magazine

LOS ANGELES — „Sexually fluid leading man“ Dante Colle has earned a mainstream entertainment spotlight with an interview for Instinct Magazine.

A rep noted the magazine’s Ryan Shea spoke with Colle earlier this month and was „charmed and delighted“ by the performer’s „physique, award-winning performances and the fact that Dante held nothing back. The piece covers his [appearance] in the COVID documentary ‚Pornstar Pandemic: The Guys,‘ how he got his start in the biz, what it’s like to be a crossover performer, winning Performer of the Year at the 2020 Grabbys, doing stunts, his future in the industry and much more.“

„There are quite a few sexy Dante photos by the pool, with his motorcycle and vacationing in Miami Beach,“ the rep added.

Colle is pleased with the profile.

„This is definitely one of the better interviews I’ve had, and Ryan was a pleasure to be interviewed by. His questions were amazing,“ said Colle. „I’m just happy he asked some questions that will show people how I really feel on certain topics that I think are important.“

Visit for the complete interview.

Dante Colle is self-booking; direct casting inquiries to Follow him online and on Twitter.

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