CockyBoys Enjoys ‚Puppy Play‘ With Leo Louis, Edward Terrant

CockyBoys Enjoys 'Puppy Play' With Leo Louis, Edward Terrant

NEW YORK — CockyBoys is touting the release of „Puppy Play,“ starring Edward Terrant and newly signed exclusive Leo Louis, and described as an experimental short directed by Raphael Massicotte.

The sensual studpups play roommates who enjoy a special friends-with-benefits relationship.

„They have a level of trust between them that allows them to delve into the realm of ‚puppy play‘ successfully and gain the most pleasure from it,“ noted a rep. „Being the voyeur in their fun allows viewers a chance to see how much pleasure they are enjoying and how they can take it to the next level without danger of hurting or being hurt.“

„We see that Edward is fully geared up as Leo’s pup against the backdrop of striking location and lighting. Edward whimpers and nuzzles his snout on Leo’s crotch and his devotion is finally rewarded with Leo playing with his ass and his ‚tail.‘ Leo takes Edward to the next level by taking him from behind,“ teased the rep. „Leo starts off slowly and then pounds him harder and faster in full doggy style. After easing up, Leo flips Edward on his back to drill him hard and he keeps this intense momentum when he takes him from behind again. Edward moans louder as he gets closer but Leo switches in up again by topping him on his back on top of a large upright tire.“

The studio has also released a BTS featurette with Terrant and an unmasked Louis.

„They talk about themselves, their roommates-with-benefits relationship, their gear, ‚puppy play,‘ the artistic style of this porn scene, and more,“ the rep said.

CockyBoys Owner Jake Jaxson expressed pride in the unique release.

„I believe it really, finally gets to the core of what makes ‚puppy play‘ so interesting and unique,“ he said. „This film is authentic, sexy, sensual and so very uniquely CockyBoys.“

„Ready to wag your tail?“ he added.

Visit CockyBoys online and on Twitter for additional information.

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