NEW YORK — CockyBoys has debuted the next episode of its new comic feature „Love Happens“ from director Jake Jaxson with Austin Avery, Kane Fox and Adrian Hart.

The title was written and directed by Jaxson, shot by photographer and co-director RJ Sebastian, edited by Rafa Rodriguez and produced by Jaxson, Sebastian and Hugo Harley, with a cast that includes Max Adonis, Brock Banks, Drew Dixon, Avery Jones, Nico Leon, Dallas Preston, Roman Todd and newcomer Ari Avanti.

Described as „a tongue-in-cheek, post-pandemic feature,“ the new installment centers on Fox and Hart as a stressed-out couple who attend an unconventional sexual awakening retreat.

„When the troubled couple gets to the retreat and settles in, Kane has to use a little seduction but he does get Adrian to relax — and to make out in bed,“ a rep teased. „It helps that there are mirrors in the room so they can watch themselves suck each other. It leads to a heated 69 and Adrian giving a facial to Kane who then shoots a thick and sticky load over himself. Time to relax and enjoy each other’s company? Nope. Adrian is soon out the door for naked yoga.“

„Kane sits outside alone when free-spirited Avery sees him from afar and comes over,“ continued the rep. „He charms Kane and gets him to confide that he’s afraid to bottom. No problem as Avery offers to show him how. He makes out with Kane and gives him good head and soon they’re locked in a passionate 69. Kane is so into sucking Avery and he brings him over the edge. Avery strokes out a load and Kane gobbles up every drop but still begs for it. Avery just needs a few minutes to recover and then he  takes his time entering Kane and once he does, it’s on.“

„Will this experience make Kane a better boyfriend and resolve his relationship problems or will it open a can of worms?“ asked the rep.

Jaxson enjoyed bringing this particular scenario to life.

„What I love about this episode is it deals with a real-life sexual situation. The couple in ‚Love Happens,‘ perfectly played by Kane and Adrian, are dealing with issues of communicating what they want sexually. It’s very important to communicate sexually so we get what we need out of our sexual encounters, and I hope that’s the takeaway for viewers.“

„I’m really proud of this episode, and the fact that Kane, Adrian and Austin really shine like the stars they are,“ the director added.

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