CockyBoys Debuts Latest Episode of Comic Feature ‚Love Happens‘

CockyBoys Debuts Latest Episode of Comic Feature 'Love Happens'

NEW YORK — CockyBoys has debuted the latest episode of comic feature „Love Happens“ from Jake Jaxson starring Avery Jones and Leo Louis.

The title was written and directed by Jaxson, shot by photographer and co-director RJ Sebastian, edited by Rafa Rodriguez and produced by Jaxson, Sebastian and Hugo Harley, with a cast that includes Max Adonis, Ari Avanti, Austin Avery, Brock Banks, Drew Dixon, Kane Fox, Adrian Hart, Nico Leon, Dallas Preston and Roman Todd.

As the action opens, „we see Avery best-laid plans for his stay at a sexual awakening retreat have truly gone astray. He’s split with his boyfriend before they arrived, so the newly single guy has gone to get laid — without much luck,“ a rep explained. „And his meditation workshop isn’t what he expected as it’s run by a free-spirited but intuitive radical fairy (Louis) whose unorthodox methods annoy and perplex Avery.“

„Eventually, Leo breaks down Avery’s resistance and ‚cockmitizes‘ him, showing off his irresistibly big dick which Avery promptly sucks,“ noted the rep. „He can’t get enough of it, deep-throating Leo, licking every inch of him nonstop. Leo wants to return the favor and puts Avery into a state of ecstasy rimming him from behind and on his back while also sucking his cock. But it’s when he slides himself into Avery that Leo gets the desired results he’s been wanting.“

„Avery takes it all — on his back and from the side before Leo mounts him up against a tree. He pounds and stretches out Avery and doesn’t quit until he shoots a massive load. He pumps himself back into Avery who pushes himself back on Leo before they make out. Lying down with Leo, Avery couldn’t be more satisfied to be opened up in more ways than one by him. And, in the basking of the afterglow, Avery learns Leo is just as kooky as he appears. And that’s a good thing.“

Jaxson praised the episode’s leading men.

„Avery and Leo give truly five-star performances with their acting and sexual prowess,“ he said. „I’m loving this series and hope our members are enjoying it as much I am.“

Click here for additional information about earlier episodes of „Love Happens“ and follow CockyBoys online and on Twitter.

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