CockyBoys Debuts Finale of Comic Feature ‚Love Happens‘

CockyBoys Debuts Finale of Comic Feature 'Love Happens'

NEW YORK — CockyBoys has debuted the climactic finale of comic feature „Love Happens“ from Jake Jaxson starring Max Adonis, Brock Banks and Austin Avery.

The title was written and directed by Jaxson, shot by photographer and co-director RJ Sebastian, edited by Rafa Rodriguez and produced by Jaxson, Sebastian and Hugo Harley, with a cast that also includes Ari Avanti, Drew Dixon, Kane Fox, Adrian Hart, Nico Leon, Dallas Preston and Roman Todd.

As the storyline comes to a close, „uptight mindfulness coach ‚Brock Bankski‘ finally sees the light with the help of radical faeries Max and Austin,“ noted a rep.

„Brock’s sexual awakening retreat didn’t go as planned after being hijacked by Max and Austin and friends. Brock confronts Max about it but Max quickly gets Brock to see the weekend was actually a big success — and he should enjoy it as much as his guests did,“ teased a rep. „After a liberating frolic in the water, Max prods Brock to take one more step into the unknown by walking to a hidden spot on the retreat’s grounds. Surrounded by sheer white flowing curtains, Brock lies floating in a sling, stroking his cock and and being watched by Max and Austin.“

„Soon they step into the circle and began to pleasure Brock,“ continued the rep. „Once it’s all over, a totally changed and exhausted Brock, having a had moment of post-nut clarity, sums it all up with philosophical words of wisdom: ‚If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else?'“

Director and CockyBoys founder Jaxson praised his cast and crew for their efforts.

„Y’all remember the bumper sticker, ‚Shit happens‘? For me, that was last year. So this year, I wanted to make it ‚Love happens.‘ And I did, with the help of my main man RJ Sebastian.“

„‚Love Happens‘ wouldn’t have happened without the incredible cast of performers who brought so much of themselves to the project and trusted us to make something we could all be proud of. And thank you to the audience for watching and supporting our work however you can.“

Click here for additional information about prior episodes of „Love Happens“ and follow CockyBoys online and on Twitter.

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