CockyBoys Announces New Comic Feature ‚Love Happens‘

CockyBoys Announces New Comic Feature 'Love Happens'

NEW YORK — CockyBoys has announced the opening installment of its latest feature, „Love Happens,“ featuring Drew Dixon, Dallas Preston and Roman Todd, will debut online Thursday.

The title was written and directed by Jake Jaxson, shot by photographer and co-director RJ Sebastian, edited by Rafa Rodriguez and produced by Jaxson, Sebastian and Hugo Harley.

Described as „a tongue-in-cheek, post-pandemic feature,“ noted a rep, „Love Happens“ centers on a mindfulness coach and influencer who takes advantage of a post-COVID desire for a return to normalcy by organizing a sexual awakening retreat and ends up inadvertently hiring „two very unconventional stoner/radical fairies to run the weekend, blowing up his perfect little reality. Somehow he still ends up helping the sexy couples at the retreat, resulting in plenty of amazing gay sex.“

Besides Dixon, Preston and Todd, the cast includes Max Adonis, Austin Avery, Brock Banks, Kane Fox, Adrian Hart, Avery Jones, Nico Leon and newcomer Ari Avanti.

„I’m so excited to share this movie with the world. I truly feel our audience will be able to relate to it while being genuinely entertained, as well as turned on, at the same time,“ Jaxson enthused.

„If you were to ask me, this is CockyBoys at our best,“ he added.

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