Clayton Foster Stars in Latest From Carnal Media

Clayton Foster Stars in Latest From Carnal Media

MINNEAPOLIS — Clayton Foster stars with Ryan St. Michael and Felix Kamp in „Atonement,“ the latest release from Carnal Media.

As the scene opens, Foster „is ready to ride the pegs — the most intense and severe punishment,“ the synopsis reveals. „The penis-shaped pegs have been mounted, starting with the smallest and working their way up. Failure is inevitable.“

Carnal CEO Legrand Wolf enthused about the scene.

„Clayton has proven himself to be a standout performer alongside Carnal stars Felix Kamp and Ryan St. Michael,“ he said. „Naturally, they were brilliant; the raw eroticism of their performances in this scene is off-the-charts amazing.“

„Atonement“ is streaming on CarnalPlus.

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2023-04-26 15:22:24

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