Clark Delgaty, Malik Delgaty Star in’s ‚Jackhammered‘

Clark Delgaty, Malik Delgaty Star in's 'Jackhammered'

MONTREAL — Studio exclusives Clark Delgaty and Malik Delgaty reteam in the two-part series „Jackhammered & Drilled“ from

The musclebods join Dane Jaxson, Bo Sinn and newcomer Chris Cool for the blue collar-themed series that will begin its rollout Friday, April 8.

The opening installment follows Sinn as he is „hard at work, drilling and screwing, when a hot blonde admires his smile and invites him to the bathroom to fuck,“ a rep said. „She puts Bo in a stall and gets into the next one to wait for the tattooed hunk’s cock through a glory hole, but Bo picks the wrong hole, sliding his dick through to where Dane is jacking off. Dane eagerly wraps his lips around Bo’s monster cock, while the blonde gets impatient and [discovers] Bo getting head from someone else. When she storms away, Dane suggests they might as well finish off, so Bo fucks him mercilessly.“

Both Delgaty studs headline the second episode as construction workers „on the job drilling and looking for just the right screw, but their coworker, Chris, would rather interrupt their work by swinging his cock and balls around or showing his spread ass,“ noted the rep. „When Chris shoots all over their freshly painted wall, the muscle hunks vow to teach him a lesson.“

Production director Ryan Cash praised the cast of studs and noted the Delgaty men are „at the top of their game.“

„It’s not often you get to work with models who really know how to work with the camera,“ he added. „And Chris brought an energy and an enthusiasm for the work which made the day go by easily.“

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