Chuck Conrad Stars in ‚The Wood Lurker‘ From

Chuck Conrad Stars in 'The Wood Lurker' From

LOS ANGELES — Chuck Conrad stars with Sam Ledger in ‚The Wood Lurker‘ from

„In the scene, Sam Ledger plays a cryptid vlogger on the trail of the biggest legend yet — the Wood Lurker (Conrad), an enormous man with an enormous D who lurks in the woods,“ said a rep. „Sam documents his journey as he pitches his tent, not noticing the hung giant watching him through the trees and creeping closer. Sam hides in his tent when he hears a noise, and Chuck bides his time, picking his moment to shake the tent with a mighty roar, then carry Sam through the woods.“

„The Wood Lurker“ premieres Sept. 22 on

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2023-09-13 16:03:08

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