Carter DelRey, Drew Sebastian Star in ‚The Wrong Bed‘ From Adult Time’s ‚Daddy’s Boy‘

Carter DelRey, Drew Sebastian Star in 'The Wrong Bed' From Adult Time's 'Daddy's Boy'

MONTREAL — Carter DelRey and Drew Sebastian star in the latest episode of Adult Time’s „Daddy’s Boy“ series, titled „The Wrong Bed.“

As the scene opens, DelRey has just moved into stepfather Sebastian’s house, „and is getting adjusted to his new life,“ said a rep. „Disoriented by the layout of the house, Carter accidentally enters Drew’s room while Drew mistakes Carter for his wife and invites ‘her’ to bed. Carter, aroused and hopeful, decides to play along and see where the night takes them.“

„The Wrong Bed“ is streaming on Adult Time.

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2023-02-06 16:02:00

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