Carnal Media Signs Serg Shepard as Newest Exclusive

Carnal Media Signs Serg Shepard as Newest Exclusive

LOS ANGELES — Newcomer Serg Shepard has joined the Carnal Media roster of exclusives.

Shepard’s first appearances for the studio will debut on FunSizeBoys and ScoutBoys. Hailing from the Ukraine, Shepard started an OnlyFans page in the past year at the suggestion of friends. He then contacted Carnal CEO and performer Legrand Wolfe, of whom he was a fan, to inquire about joining the studio.

„I messaged Legrand Wolf directly via Twitter because his websites are what I’ve jacked off to for years,“ Shepard said. „He responded the same day and I was flown out to shoot shortly thereafter. The experience with everyone on the team was the best I’d had with any adult company, so when offered an exclusive, I told Legrand I wanted to be on his team.“

Wolfe enthused about the new signing, as well as his own connection to Shepard’s homeland.

„At 16, I left high school to live alone and study art, music, and language in Kyiv. This was shortly after the Soviet Union fell apart. Later, I went back to Eastern Ukraine as a Mormon missionary in 1997,“ he said. „“When I first received an application from Serg, I was stunned by his looks. But when we started chatting, I was taken by his charisma. I knew within the first few minutes of our first meeting that Serg would be a brilliant addition to our team, and I wanted to make Serg a Carnal Exclusive. A few weeks later we were filming with him, and I can confidently say he is incredibly gifted sexually, and he knows exactly how to play it for the camera.“

Shepard’s first scene for Carnal will release later today on FunSizeBoys.

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2022-10-13 20:24:38

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