Carnal Media Releases ‚Tape 4: Here for You‘ on FTMPlus

Carnal Media Releases 'Tape 4: Here for You' on FTMPlus

MINNEAPOLIS — Carnal Media has released its latest title, “Tape 4: Here for You,” through streaming network FTMPlus.

“Tape 4: Here for You” co-stars Luke Hudson, Danny Wilcoxx and Joel Someone.

„The Hudson Family is back and offering an introduction to Luke Hudson’s new boyfriend, Danny,“ the synopsis reveals. „Dad (Someone) interrupts their alone time with a knock on the door.“

Carnal Media CEO/founder Legrand Wolf said, “We are delighted with the level of interest and positive feedback that FTM Plus has received since its recent debuts, which in turn helps guide the direction of our future sites, series and storylines.”

Wolf added that the company took its time in order to prioritize “fleshing out character narratives and putting together an enticing cast of performers.”

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2023-03-22 17:43:00

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