Carnal Media Drops New Episode of ‚Neighborhood Secrets‘

Carnal Media Drops New Episode of 'Neighborhood Secrets'

MINNEAPOLIS — Brian Bonds and Myott Hunter star in the latest episode of Carnal Media’s Neighborhood Secrets, titled „Father’s Day Gift.“

„With Father’s Day coming up I decided I wanted to give my sexy uncle an equally sexy gift,“ reveals Myott in the synopsis. „Ever since I found his old nudes, I couldn’t quite get over just how much more beautiful his body is in person.“

Carnal CEO Legrand Wolf enthused about the scene, noting that the studio strives to „create compelling narratives that explore the complexity of forbidden feelings that go beyond familial bonds. Follow all ten episodes of Myott and Brian’s adventures throughout the Neighborhood Secret series — an intense, incredible journey that will leave viewers both satisfied and wanting more.“

„Father’s Day Gift“ is streaming on CarnalPlus.

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2023-03-31 21:28:06

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