Carnal Debuts New FTM-Fantasy Site ‚Transcest‘

Carnal Debuts New FTM-Fantasy Site 'Transcest'

MINNEAPOLIS — Carnal Media has launched Transcest, an FTM-focused subscription site featuring story-based content.

„In this steamy and provocative series, Transcest explores forbidden desires through multi-chapter narratives that center around dads and their sons who happen to have bonus holes,“ revealed a rep. „Trancest transgresses traditional familial bonds, where dads and their trans sons find themselves engaged in taboo play. It may start with a lingering look, unexpected touch or stolen kiss, but it all leads to passion and then fully unrestrained bareback breeding, and a new whole appreciation for family fun.“

The site has kicked off with two storylines, each comprised of three scenes.

„The Hudson Family“ is an ongoing tale of three generations of men in a family. The three scenes — „Caught in the Act,“ „Like Father, Like Son,“ and „Special Bond“ are streaming on Transcest.

„The Wheeler Family“ follow Luke Hudson’s adventures with his uncle and his stepdad. The three scenes — „Uncle Mason’s Bed,“ „Bringing in Dad,“ and „No Substitute“ are also streaming on Transcest.

„Get ready for a wild ride as we delve into the secret taboo relationships that are often kept hidden from society’s prying eyes,“ said Carnal honcho Legrand Wolf. „Transcest takes viewers on a tantalizing journey through the complexities of these love affairs, leaving us captivated and begging for more.“

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2023-03-10 23:27:00

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