Cade Maddox, Eric Rey Enjoy the ‚Dirty Intern‘ for Hot House

Cade Maddox, Eric Rey Enjoy the 'Dirty Intern' for Hot House

SAN FRANCISCO — Studio exclusive Cade Maddox enjoys the new „Dirty Intern“ for Hot House Video and directors Trenton Ducati and Jasun Mark, which goes live tomorrow in all formats.

As the action opens, „Cade shows up to the doctor’s office for his appointment and gets restless waiting. He sneaks off to one of the exam rooms and walks in on Eric Rey, who mistakenly thinks Cade is the doctor. Deciding to take advantage of the situation, Cade grabs a lab coat and starts to examine Eric,“ a rep teased.

„While examining Eric’s ass, Cade sneaks a finger in Eric’s hole, which is quickly replaced with Cade’s tongue,“ the rep continued. „After loosening Eric up with a deep tongue drilling, Eric turns around on the table to get the fake doctor rock-hard with his mouth. Now that ‚Doctor Cade‘ is throbbing, Eric bends over and feels the instant stretching from Cade’s inches in his ass.“

Ducati praised the men for diving right into the erotic scenario.

„Cade poses as a doctor to stretch out the ever-sexy stud, Eric, and it’s amazing,“ Ducati said. „The performances are incredible. These guys really tap into the medical theme and truly deliver spectacular sex.“

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