LOS ANGELES — Brittany Wilson, brand manager for Split Peaches and The Dungeon Store, has returned to „The Rocket Review“ podcast, hosted by Rob „Rocket“ Arnegard, for „a Pride-themed show-and-tell.“

Wilson brought out some of her available toys to demonstrate their capabilities.

„We’ve seen the horns,“ Wilson began. „I just want to remind everyone, they come in rainbow [colors]; the Rivetor does too, as does the Screw You.“

Wilson also brought out larger sizes of toys. „So, a reminder, all of these, big, masculine shapes — Rivetors and Screws, come in fun, whimsical colors of the rainbow.“ („I’ve gotta have a rainbow screw,“ the host exclaimed.)

She also displayed the Rainbow Enforcer, a colorful baseball bat, from the Dungeon Store.

„So, we’ve carried this for years,“ she noted. „But I always like to bring it out in Pride, because it’s a weighted rainbow bat, but it’s foam padded. It swings hard, hits hard, but it’s still foam and squishy. It’s a deep kind of a ‚thud‘ impact.“

The host enthused about the neoprene rainbow pride flogger.

„This is a heavy rubber flogger… It is remarkably well-balanced, and very comfortable in the grip. If you wanna get that baseball bat swing in there, you’ve got room to get [two hands] on there… It was great.“

„This is not for the entry level submissive,“ he added. „This is not for the beginner. This is for someone who has skill in throwing a flogger and someone who is intermediate-to-advanced. The rubber has a smack to it; it’s very thuddy. I would suggest swinging lightly and building up slowly… It packs well. I’ve packed it three-to-four different times. It’s been on three different trips.“

Find „The Rocket Review“ online and on YouTube with additional linkage featuring Wilson here.

Visit SplitPeaches.com and TheDungeonStore.com for product details; for sales or other inquiries, email Anne Bryne at anne@altsitesltd.com call (773) 413-8715.

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