Brian Bonds Guests on New Episode of ‚Wyatt!‘ Podcast

LOS ANGELES — Performer Brian Bonds is the featured guest on a recent episode of the „Wyatt!“ podcast hosted by Wyatt O’Brian Evans.

„This fascinating episode welcomes special Brian Bonds, a mainstay in adult entertainment. He is truly ‚Mr. Versatile,‘ because he’s done all types of scenes: gay, bi, trans and straight. And of course, he’s worked for an array of big-name, diverse adult studios,“ the host said.

„In our exclusive sitdown, Brian reveals what compelled him to enter the biz, how his HIV-positive status impacted his ability to get work, behind-the-scenes drama, his impending retirement and so much more,“ the host continued. „He also gives us the 411 on his new starring turn in the upcoming ‚Friends in Heat‘ from Luxxxe Studios.“

Luxxxe CEO and „Friends in Heat“ executive producer JD Daniels noted he and Bonds „go way back, professionally and personally as dear friends.“

„I’m proud to say, with all sincerity, that I’m quite pleased to have him be a big part of my monumental journey in creating and producing our first full feature film. However, it does bring me great sadness that ‚Friends In Heat‘ will be his last performance as he’ll be heading towards other ventures behind the camera,“ noted Daniels. „I’m honored that he’s chosen us to be his final curtain call in front of the camera. Here at Luxxxe, we’re very proud of his longevity, achievements and award-winning accomplishments in the porn industry. We will always be supportive no matter what.“

The new „Wyatt!“ interview runs approximately 47 minutes and can be found on YouTube; follow the host on Twitter.

Find Brian Bonds on Twitter.

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