Bo Sinn Makes Bottoming Debut for

LOS ANGELES — Tatted muscleman Bo Sinn will make his bottoming debut in a forthcoming hospital-themed hookup for; however, the studio has kept the identity of his topman under wraps.

The tryst, titled „Top to Bottom: Bo Sinn,“ opens as „the hung Canadian is rushed to the hospital and put into a scanner to discover the cause of his symptoms, but as Bo’s hospital gown rides up, the doctor can immediately see the issue: a big set of anal beads up in his ass,“ a rep explained.

„The doctor gently removes the beads, then fingers the patient’s hole before fucking him. Bo may be bottoming, but he reminds the doctor who’s the boss as he demands to get fucked harder,“ added the rep. „The only question left — who will top Bo for the very first time?“

Production director Ryan Cash noted fans „have been anticipating Bo’s bottoming debut for years and now the day has come.“

„He finally gave up the goods for the first time ever,“ Cash enthused. „Get ready for an awesome scene.“

„Top to Bottom“ will debut Wednesday, Nov. 24; visit and follow the studio on Twitter.

In related news, recently released newly signed exclusive Clark Delgaty in „Fuck Me Back to Life“ and Dante Colle’s return to the studio, opposite Lucas Leon, in „The Cock Stop,“ among other scenes.

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