Axel Abysse Unveils Horror, Sci-Fi Fetish Title ‚The Experiment‘

TOKYO — Indie fetish content creator and self-styled „poet of pornography“ Axel Abysse has released „The Experiment,“ described as an homage to classic science-fiction and horror.

„Two laboratory subjects are treated with a strange glowing goo that transforms them in mysterious, unsettling ways,“ teased a rep. „An experimental slimy goo wreaks delicious havoc on lab rats (Abysse, costar Syusaku Nohara). As they ladle thick strings of the glowing green substance onto each other’s smooth naked bodies, a wild reaction mixes it with their bodily fluids. The mix pulses through their holes, their blood, their brains.“

„Syusaku and Axel are transformed into obsessed, out-of-control sex fiends, driven to mingle their flesh in the most outrageous ways. They fuck, fist and fill every orifice relentlessly with every tool and body part within reach,“ the rep continued.

The fluorescent green slime was made from X Lube, Abysse’s preferred lubricant; Nohara is a porn veteran based in Osaka.

„A dedicated and generous performer, Nohara is passionate about the sex industry and its models. Axel reports that he couldn’t have managed creating the goo and rooting around in it without Nohara’s assistance and support,“ noted the rep.

The filmmaker explained the artistic inspiration behind „The Experiment.“

„Way before I made my own movies, my favorite go-to keyword when looking for porn was ‚bizarre.‘ I don’t care for stories about a pizza delivery guy ringing at my door. What turns me on is when I have no clue what is going on, when it’s weird, sometimes grotesque, sometimes beautiful and mostly when it’s surreal,“ he stated. „Movies like ’Shivers’ or ‘Existenz’ by Cronenberg also have this uncomfortable touch of eroticism that makes you both cringe and want to touch yourself when nobody is watching; or at least, that’s my reaction, but again, I’m a weirdo.“

„Not being able to travel for almost two years now because of the pandemic, I grew closer to some of the local Japanese porn industry artists. Syusaku has become a truly special friend. Along with a common passion for scuba diving and anything aquatic, we share a great curiosity for new ideas in porn, with a desire to make nasty movies that we haven’t seen before,“ continued Abysse.

„He’s the one who came up with most of ’The Experiment’ and how we could make it happen. We had so much fun squirting, rubbing, sliming and sliding together, but also it became a very intimate moment,“ he recalled. „The smell of our body fluids mixed in the goo was delightful, my chest pressed onto his arms, his cock throbbing, my hole twitching, our laughs and his smile — I wish I could have stayed in it forever.“

„The Experiment“ premieres Friday on; follow Axel Abysse on Twitter.

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Earlier this summer, Abysse and frequent collaborator Yoshi Kawasaki released „Cursed,“ a multimedia project that included a 27-minute film as well as a photo booklet and fan contest.

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