Axel Abysse Celebrates 5th Anniversary of Paysite With ‚Stains‘

Axel Abysse Celebrates 5th Anniversary of Paysite With 'Stains'

TOKYO — Indie fetish content creator and self-styled „poet of pornography“ Axel Abysse is commemorating the fifth anniversary of his eponymous paysite with the release of „Stains.“

The clip features a 25-minute, five-man orgy featuring Abysse with Yoshi Kawasaki, Reid Rose, Jordan Tannahill and Jake Rockard.

„‚Stains‘ contains kink, fisting, raw fucking and watersports, and is shot in a classic studio aesthetic,“ said a rep. „Lighting is dark and reddish, and the location is a moody dungeon.“

Director Matt Spike enthused about the clip. 

„I have never filmed something as exciting as this,“ he said. „I barely needed to press the stop button on the camera. The action took place on a central table in the middle of the dungeon and I walked around the edge with the camera. It seemed everywhere I pointed the camera something exciting happened, the guys letting me in close to the action when I needed.“

Abysse explained what he was looking to accomplish with the clip.

„With ‚Stains,‘ I wanted a polished, more classical approach to the studio aesthetic I often try to avoid, because… why not?“ he said. „It’s fun to once in a while go back to this old-school fantasy of aroused pigs getting together in a dungeon. The difference from gay studio work is… we’re still doing whatever we like, how we like, we’re not pretending to be rougher or more ‘masc’ than we actually are and not following any direction other than where our primal instincts lead us towards: being total pigs.“

The clip is streaming now on; follow Abysse on Twitter. – Gay

2022-10-20 20:51:00

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