Austin Wolf, Ari Avanti Play ‚Catch & Release‘ for CockyBoys

NEW YORK — CockyBoys has announced a new limited series, „Catch & Release,“ from directors Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian. The premiere episode, starring Austin Wolf with newcomer Ari Avanti in his studio debut, is available now.

„Ari spots and cruises Austin fishin‘ by the lake, and when the muscle god leaves, Ari takes the tantalizing bait and follows him from a distance, unsure of Austin’s interest as gets in his truck,“ teased a rep. „But Austin sends a couple of signals to Ari and reels him in. Ari can barely contain his joy when he opens up the passenger door and sees Austin behind the wheel stroking himself.“

„Instinctively knowing Austin is in control, Ari waits for him to make the move — which he does by pulling Ari over to suck him,“ continued the rep. „Austin soon takes Ari out of the truck, leans him up against it and fucks him with his hands around his neck, in multiple positions, both in and out of the car, while surrounded by nature. A summer day neither will soon forget.“

Avanti throughly enjoyed his studio debut.

„My first shoot with CockyBoys taught me that I deserve what pleasure comes from my desires. [It was] a chance to show the world that those who are receptive also have control,“ he said. „When our power is honored, we are given space to relinquish, therefore offering release. The future feels abundant with inspiration and even more pleasure to share.“

Jaxson was inspired by, which is „dedicated to the art of real-time cruising,“ he said. „The total opposite of the swipe-left-swipe-right Grindr game. And, no, this is not a paid collab. I’m just happy to see a hookup site that celebrates and welcomes sex exploration. It welcomes you to be a perv, and enjoy yourself while doing it.“

„I’m thrilled to be able to introduce Ari, a beautiful sexually connected newcomer,“ he continued. „We were very grateful that Austin introduced Ari to us, and who better to show him the ropes and break him in than the daddy of all daddies? Seeing them together is indeed a ‚wow‘ moment, and Ari is, for sure, one to watch.“

„I am excited that we have more episodes to come of ‚Catch & Release‘ and more scenes with Ari,“ Jaxson added.

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