APAG Announces Name Change, Reorganization Efforts

APAG Announces Name Change, Reorganization Efforts

LOS ANGELES — Following a vote from its membership, APAG has announced a rebranding as Adult Performance Artists Guild and unveiled a new logo and has detailed ongoing reorganization efforts.

An APAG rep noted members voted to change the name of the guild after pulling away from its parent union IEAU, and APAG officers filing a lawsuit against IEAU.

„As they are changing their name and dynamics, APAG is excited to continue their organizing efforts, refiling as a new group, complete with new bylaws and updated policies,“ the rep said. „Over the last few years, conflict with IEAU has caused unnecessary grief and frustration for their members and board. With the growing list of accomplishments they have achieved as a group, APAG felt it was necessary to move in a direction that continues to support member’s concerns and objectives.“

Ongoing initiatives include a national effort to end occupational discrimination against adult workers, a continued effort for on-set safety and „the uplifting of voices in our community.“

„APAG continues to welcome new members from adult content creators, webcam performers, phone sex operators and decriminalized sex workers. They welcome creators of all genders, all nationalities and all aspects of adult industry work,“ continued the rep. „APAG also plans to continue efforts to support our community of marginalized workers and they appreciate the constant support. APAG would like to encourage members to become more involved in committees and help create a more diverse executive board in the near future.“

Visit for additional details and follow the guild on Twitter.

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