Angel Rivera, Sean Ford Are ‚6 Feet Apart‘ for CockyBoys

NEW YORK — CockyBoys has signed rising star Angel Rivera to an exclusive contract. In addition, Rivera and CockyBoys headliner Sean Ford anchor the erotic, hourlong featurette „Lips Together: 6 Feet Apart“ from directors Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian.

„I am choosing to go exclusive with CockyBoys because I feel like we can build each other up and both benefit from this deal,“ said Rivera. „Things fall into place when they do and the timing feels right.“

„I have a great amount of professional and personal chemistry with the team, and I know there are things I can learn to make my content better and also better elevate my business sense,“ he continued. „There’s mutual respect and value here and I feel like we will continue to put together works of art demonstrating sexual freedom.“

„Lips Together: 6 Feet Apart“ is described by a studio rep as „a love story for our times.“

„Angel and Sean have fallen for each other, but Angel can’t get together with Sean on a pandemic lockdown in his country cottage,“ continued the rep. „So Angel showers him with numerous socially distanced, kind and romantic gestures, including multiple visits. And as they forge a deep connection, Angel goes all-in camping in his jeep outside Sean’s door to wait out the 14-day quarantine.“

Although physically distanced, their connection grows more intimate.

„When the day arrives that they can finally touch, Sean and Angel virtually leap out of bed to meet outside,“ the rep concluded. „When their lips touch, their passion explodes and as they make out their long-suppressed lust erupts into one of the most passionate and intense duos of 2020.“

Jake Jaxson relished the creative challenge involved in the project.

„Six months ago, while I was feeling on top of the world, everything changed with a pandemic lockdown that triggered me and many others, in ways that I was unprepared for,“ he said. „While I am an introvert and borderline hermit by nature, I was, in theory, looking forward to the solitude that a lockdown would bring. As the weeks began to blur one into the other, my first concern was making sure we found a way to take care of our exclusive talent, followed by how to maintain our programming. Once again, I was confronted with new unexpected feelings. ‚How am I ever going to find anything remotely creative to work on?‘ As the collective energy faltered and fell around the world, negative thoughts began to sink in, followed by waves of depression.“

He found inspiration and renewed energy as the seasons changed and by the broader culture’s „great social awakening and the raised voices of many of industry’s performers.“

„Thus, this project was born,“ he said. „We now live in a changed time and while I was in my own headspace, I felt a loneliness that I had never really felt — a result of the lockdown and fear of being sick. However, like many others, I accepted ‚the new normal‘ and began to find ways to adapt and beat back the demons of my mind. In the process I found my way to, once again, find possibility in my life again — and to that end, this story, this project, and the support of my husband RJ, lockdown pod partners Levi Karter and Nico Leon, our staff, performers and the infinite love and support from our community of friends and fans save me. I hope that anyone who watches this short film is inspired in one way or another.“

Find „Lips Together: 6 Feet Apart“ here and follow CockyBoys on Twitter.


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