Amberly Rothfield Releases Free Guide for 'Marginalized Models'

LOS ANGELES — Industry marketing expert and business mentor Amberly Rothfield has released a new guide, titled „Marketing for Marginalized Models,“ for free on her official website.

„Amberly, who has found success in the industry despite her status as a marginalized model, aims to share her methods with others,“ explained a rep. „Her newest project is a written guide specifically designed to help models who are marginalized because of factors beyond their control.“

The new guide runs more than three-dozen pages and was conceived for models „who find themselves struggling when trying to follow more traditional advice,“ the rep said. „It covers a wide variety of topics ranging from networking to setting realistic goals and is viewed through a lens of marginalization.“

Rothfield felt a need to assist models who might otherwise slip through the cracks.

„I know how hard it can be when you don’t fit the norm. I want to use my success to try and lift others up who might not have the opportunity otherwise,“ she said. „And I encourage others to do the same once they are in a place where they can. You have to focus on yourself before you can help others.“

Find „Marketing for Marginalized Models,“ as well as information about upcoming webinars and individualized consulting, at

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