Amberly Rothfield Pens Guide for Models on ‚Platform Deletion‘

Amberly Rothfield Pens Guide for Models on 'Platform Deletion'

LOS ANGELES — Industry marketing expert and business mentor Amberly Rothfield has penned a new article intended to assist models with „platform deletion“ as well as the potential ramifications of major credit card companies cutting ties with Pornhub.

The free 5,000-word blog post „covers a wide range of topics, including starting a website, collaborations with other models, keeping a backup copy of all content, using a diverse group of platforms and many more tried-and-true methods,“ a rep explained.

Rothfield noted the article extends beyond the recent Pornhub news. „Everything in this guide can help models set themselves up for success if anything goes wrong, from a website disappearing to having your profile deleted,“ she clarified.

In related news, Rothfield has also recently penned a guide titled „Marketing for Marginalized Models.“

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