Since I’ve brought The Handy home, I’ve been able to sync up to videos that the company has made readily available on The Handy can sync up with compatible videos that have an accompanying script file that allows the Handy to recreate the movements seen on screen. There are free scripts available that have been made by other users in the Handy community, and the company is expanding its list of content partners to add even more.

The Handy provides completely customizable strokes that I’ve never felt before. I plugged it in and tried out all its capabilities. It connects to Wi-Fi via Bluetooth to allow a partner to control the device online. My partner and I had fun with this as she stroked my penis from afar. She switched from slow to faster and faster — and with The Handy’s powerful motor, it can provide up to 10 strokes per second. While all the sextech that The Handy offers is great, I also love that this device can be used offline and it’s just as simple to control that way. The four buttons on the device can be used to increase or decrease stroke length and speed so I can adjust while I play.

I really like the True-Grip Sleeve that is included. It is textured to provide a stimulating feel with every stroke. The True-Grip Sleeve is firmly held in place by the True-Grip Band. When I have to clean the sleeve, it easily detaches, and it’ll also be really easy to replace when the time comes.

Overall, I am thoroughly pleased with The Handy. Its power, easy-to-hold shape and unique functions make me excited to continue to use it and I can’t wait to invest in my own VR headset now that I have The Handy because I cannot wait to test out that function again in the privacy of my own home.

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