LUV Portable UV Sanitizing Case

In this day and age of sanitizing pretty much everything you come in contact with, here’s a soft, portable UV sanitizing case for all of your germ-free needs. Powered by a USB cord, with several little UV-C lights in the top (the most effective ones in killing those pesky germs), it conveniently fits pretty much every kind of sex toy, remote control, cords, and anything else your hands come in contact with, including your cell phone. In only three minutes, the light will zap and effortlessly sanitize your gizmos. Don’t forget to move your goodies inside as the light will kill the germs where the light hits. Separately zapping each side of your toys will provide a good, sanitizing to give you peace of mind for happy sex toy use!

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Manufacturer Description:

We’re very excited about the LUV bag,

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