TwinkPop Relaunches With Release of ‚Snowbangers‘

TwinkPop Relaunches With Release of 'Snowbangers'

LOS ANGELES — Niche gay porn site TwinkPop is relaunching with the release of its first original scene, „Snowbangers.“

Featuring Maverick Sun and Jordan Lake, the snowboarding-themed scene was shot on location in Canada.

As the scene opens, Sun asks his boyfriend Lake „for a sneaky chairlift BJ… but not sneaky enough, as they get caught by ski resort security just as Maverick cums on Jordan’s goggles,“ said a rep. „That night in the chalet, they decide to pick up where they left off, but Maverick doesn’t want to wait and rips open Jordan’s long johns to fuck him while his parents have their backs turned building the fire. After Jordan sucks Maverick under the blanket, finally the coast is clear for these twinks to fuck.“

„Snowbangers“ premieres Feb. 1 on TwinkPop. – Movies & Stars

2023-01-30 16:31:14

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