OXFORD, U.K. — Oxford University Press’ Oxford Research Encyclopedias initiative now includes an entry for “Gay Pornography” written by scholar Dr. Joseph Brennan.

Oxford Research Encyclopedias “provide long-form overview articles written, peer-reviewed, and edited by leading scholars,” and academic authorities such as Brennan, a rep explained.

Brennan has published widely on gay pornography, including several articles and books.

The OUP project is designed to help students and researchers “identify what’s trustworthy, what’s up-to-date, and what’s accurate in an age when overabundance of information, and misinformation, can make this difficult,” the rep added.

In addition to being written and peer reviewed by certified experts, articles are regularly updated by experts to ensure content reflects new insights.

Brennan called being invited to write the “Gay Pornography“ entry for the Oxford project “a career-defining honor for me. I am delighted to take part in a movement that through the nomination and involvement of recognized topic experts and rigorous peer review, and backed by Oxford University Press, meets the challenges students, researchers, and the interested public face today when seeking informed, unbiased, and trustworthy information.”

Brennan added he considers the Oxford Research Encyclopedias initiative a vital and timely platforms for topics “as culturally loaded and historically underrepresented, even suppressed,” as gay pornography.

“The study of gay porn overcame erasure and underrepresentation in the literature to thrive today as a vibrant subfield of porn studies, with its impact keenly felt in the wider humanities and social sciences as well — something that its inclusion in Oxford Research Encyclopedias and selection as a featured article is testament to,” Brennan noted. “Through this dynamic survey I draw out eminent and emerging themes from across the literature. Crucially, allowance for future updates is built into its structure and method.”

“Gay Pornography” was published this month in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication and was selected as a free featured article for October 2022. It will be free to read until the next Oxford Research Encyclopedias monthly update, sometime in November 2022. The article will also be featured in a stand-alone printed volume titled “The Oxford Encyclopedia of Queer Studies and Communication.”

To access Dr. Joseph Brennan’s entry on “Gay Pornography,” visit the Oxford Research Encyclopedias online portal.


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