NakedSword Unveils 3rd 'Swords' Installment, 'First Mission'

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword has released “First Mission,” the latest DVD in its “The Swords” saga.

Helmed by director Marc MacNamara, „First Mission“ features an all-star cast of Falcon/NakedSword exclusive performers including Cade Maddox, Andre Donovan, Josh Moore and Dean Young, along with popular international performers Pol Paris, Logan Moore, Sean Austin and Dani Robles.

This third installment in the studio’s “The Swords” franchise casts Falcon/NakedSword exclusive performer Andre Donovan as a new recruit fresh from his “porn star/secret agent” training. Jetting off to France for his “First Mission,” he teams up with a crew of world-famous gay porn stars in an attempt to thwart Cade Maddox and Josh Moore as they gear up to distribute a life-threatening truth pill that transforms everyday lies into real-life truth.

“Deep in a Parisian bathhouse, Swords agent Pol Prince is the first to try and stop this evil plot but is quickly foiled when he comes face to face with Cade Maddox’s talented tongue,” explained a rep. “Dean Young can’t be seen in public with Andre Donovan for fear of their secret mission being blown, so as a cover for why Andre is in Paris, the twink suggests they film some fan content together. The impromptu hookup ends with Dean Young being taken by Josh Moore, and soon the young agent finds himself tied up and being fucked by his hung captor in the back room of a bathhouse.”

Over in Lanzarote, the rep continued, “chemists Logan Moore and Sean Austin are supposed to be finalizing the formula for Cade Maddox’s truth pill but are instead taking a break with some roadside public play. When they fail to deliver the finalized pill on time, special agent Dani Robles teams up with Andre Donovan to stop Cade Maddox and Josh Moore from poisoning the world with this dangerous drug.”

“The ‘Swords’ franchise is proving to be well worth the investment we made in shooting across the world and connecting the releases together with an entertaining and sexy narrative,” said Tim Valenti, president of Falcon/NakedSword. “We have yet another A-list cast, and I’m certain ‘First Mission’ will be a top seller in stores and digitally.”

„First Mission“ is now available for purchase on DVD and via digital download at

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2023-01-20 20:39:00

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