NakedSword Debuts New Original Series ‚EveryBODY‘

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword Originals has announced the debut of „EveryBODY,“ a new series from XBIZ „Gay Director of the Year“ Marc MacNamara designed to spotlight real-life attractions between performers with a range of body types.

„‚EveryBODY‘ breaks the mold of your typical gay porn release, and showcases how people discover what gets them off sexually through their bodies at different stages of their lives; how their appearance, shape, and looks affect what they like sexually throughout their life,“ a rep noted.

The debut installment features furred studs Atlas Grant and Dani West; throughout the series, „eight sensational, distinct performers share their bodies and unapologetically fulfill their desires,“ said the rep, among them bodybuilder Aaron Trainer and cross-dresser Leo Vice; „tatted bad boy“ Dexx Morningstar with „sexy trans goddess“ Lana Summers; and Dylan Rizder enjoying „acrobatic foreplay“ with Calhoun Sawyer.

„I have been directing porn for over a decade and there was a real absence of diversity in what we were showcasing as ’sexy.‘ People ask me, what is my ‚type‘ and the answer is ambition and confidence; the body type runs the gamut,“ observed MacNamara. „Every body in this series is sexy but none of the cast members look alike and that was crafted on purpose to share and celebrate stepping outside of our filtered search tools and opening our eyes to deeper sexual experience.“

„I can honestly say in making this movie, my own sexuality evolved and I hope many others go on that journey from here,“ he added.

The series also features candid interviews with the cast members for „a revealing look the way they see themselves sexually as well as their bodies,“ the rep said. „Atlas, who stars in the first scene, reveals that he used to weigh 300 pounds and that people think he’s easy because he does porn but he just wants to ‚cuddle and watch cartoons.'“

Falcon/NakedSword President Tim Valenti noted NakedSword Originals „has never been about one type.“

„From Day One, we decided to not cast our movies with a certain type of model in mind, and it has resulted in a diverse group of guys over the years. With ‚EveryBODY,‘ Marc tackles the relevant topic of diversity and what that means to people in our community and to our industry. I’m proud to present this one-of-a-kind new series to our members.“

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In related news, Falcon/NakedSword will present the „2021 Miss Pineapple Pageant“ on Sunday, June 20, a virtual fundraiser to benefit Pineapple Support, featuring top gay adult stars as they transform into drag queens.

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