Disruptive Films Releases New Erotic Thriller ‚The House Sitter‘

Disruptive Films Releases New Erotic Thriller 'The House Sitter'

MONTREAL — Disruptive Films has released psychological thriller „The House Sitter“ starring Dillon Diaz and Kyle Connors and directed by Siouxsie Q and Michael Vegas.

Disruptive won the 2022 XBIZ Award for „Gay Movie of the Year“ for its inaugural release, „The Last Course.“

Connors stars as Daryl Spence, a professional housesitter who takes his dedication to the Dawes residence, and the very-married Mr. Percy Dawes (Diaz) in particular, to „a disturbingly personal level,“ noted a rep.

Vegas praised the cast and crew for „putting their best“ into the shoot.

„When all the right elements come together, movie magic can happen. The characters will leave you feeling uneasy, and the sex was intense and hot. Kyle and Dillon were perfection,“ he said.

Co-director Siouxsie Q added, „Like a good song in a musical, I believe a great sex scene in an adult film should further the plot and help the audience better understand the depth of the characters and their relationship.

„In the case of ‘The House Sitter,‘ every minute of both the dialogue setup and the sex itself is nothing short of riveting,“ she continued. „Dillon and Kyle are both incredibly talented actors, and they were able to channel their chemistry into the portrayal of the characters so naturally. It was truly a pleasure to create and I can’t wait for everyone to see the final product. I believe it can really hold its own as a stellar erotic thriller, as well as delivering when it comes to a really hot sex scene.“

„The House Sitter“ will debut Friday, May 27 on; follow the studio on Twitter.

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