CockyBoys Debuts New Feature 'Game On'

NEW YORK — CockyBoys has released the first scene from its new feature „Game On,“ filmed by Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian on location in Mexico with a starry roster of company exclusives.

Jaxson is the reigning XBIZ „Gay Director of the Year.“

„Video game mogul Marcus (Matthew Cooper in his CockyBoys debut) has literally gone out with a bang and it’s ‚Game On‘ for his partners and friends Daniel Evans, Kane Fox and Leo Grand,“ a rep enthused. „The trio have flown down to Mexico where Markus tells them, in his will, which he put on video, that control of his company will go to the guy who wins a special challenge. Complicating matters is Marcus‘ previously undisclosed husband (Dallas Preston); Leo isn’t about to let this merry widower cheat him out of his rightful position.“

The first tryst, now streaming, opens as „Leo wastes no time going to Daniel and manipulating the surly, reluctant ‚bro ho‘ into joining forces,“ explained the rep. „Leo seals the deal by exerting control, first by making Daniel suck his cock and then by criticizing his prowess to spur him to get aggressive. Daniel picks up Leo and puts him on his back so he can have his way with him. Leo’s mouthiness finally produces results [and] he thinks he has formed a strong alliance with Daniel, but has he?“

The release of „Game On“ kicks off a yearlong „15 Years of CockyBoys“ promo campaign celebrating the studio’s milestone anniversary.

„In the last few years, many of us have had moments of isolation and found it easy to get in our heads to replay and regret the past, and worry about a future that may never come,“ Jaxson said. „We become consumed with keeping up with everything and forget to keep up with ourselves — as a result, we don’t enjoy the moment, suffer our successes, and believe we are failing.“

„To me, the freedom to be ourselves sexually and connect to what pleasures us is the ultimate ‚Now‘ energy,“ he continued. „This can unlock our ability to ground ourselves free of guilt and shame. Alone or with others, take the time now to discover and enjoy your sexual self because it is the core of who you are; as so beautifully said by Oscar Wilde, ‚To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.'“

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