Andre Donovan, Adam Ramzi 'Back in Town' for Disruptive Films

MONTREAL — Andre Donovan and Adam Ramzi topline „Back in Town“ for the „True Male“ imprint from Disruptive Films and indie director Matt Lynn.

The storyline follows two men who reunite years after a clandestine high school relationship.

As the action opens, Nathaniel (Donovan) takes a trip „back to his hometown — and back in time — to attend his father’s funeral. Upon reconnecting with Tony (Ramzi), a former high school flame, a familiar spark is suddenly ignited — just like old times.“

The featurette „flawlessly delivers Matt’s unique perspective on gay relationships through intimately crafted stories that create a lasting emotional impact. From Cannes to Tribeca, documentaries to features, the award-nominated Lynn is a modern force in filmmaking that’s shaking up the industry and getting Disruptive,“ a rep enthused.

Lynn noted that Disruptive, an Alpha Studio Group brand, offered support from Day One.

„Their production platform allows creatives like me to focus on making original, artistic content while providing support in any area needed,“ he said. „Creating ‘Back in Town’ with Disruptive was such a collaborative process. They were right there, providing me the tools I needed as a creator to help facilitate my vision — an incredibly supportive studio that constantly encouraged me to explore the possibilities of adult entertainment.“

Visit Disruptive Films online and on YouTube and Twitter.

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