2023 Grabby Awards Europe to Be Held in Torremolinos, Spain

TORREMOLINOS, Spain — The Grabby Awards Europe will be held during a four-day event in Torremolinos, Spain, between April 20 and 23.

The awards celebrate the best gay European stars, studios, movies and creative content, and also include one International category.

The 2023 Grabby Awards Europe will feature Falcon/Naked Sword exclusives Trenton Ducati, Beau Banks, Drew Valentino and Josh Moore, as well as European performers such as Allen King, Pablo Bravo, Sir Peter, Alex Tikas, Louis Ricaute, Derek Allen, Dean Young, Beau Butler, Bastian Karim and Viktor Rom.

The organizers said the gay-friendly Hotel Ritual is almost sold-out throughout the weekend.

The 2023 Grabby Awards will be presented at a star-studded poolside show following a media red carpet reception on Saturday night.

Music acts will include performer and singer Santi Noguera (“Drag Race Italia,” season 2), Miss Congeniality winner Nehellenia and Le Riche (“Drag Race Italia,” season 1).

Seven official club events and parties at venues across the beachside town of Torremolinos will also be part of the program.

European show director Benjamin Willis said, “It is my honor to see this year’s Grabbys Europe celebrating its 10th anniversary. The long weekend plans are filled with excitement and celebration as we honour some of the most talented and accomplished individuals in the gay adult industry.”

The Award Show will be hosted by Sister Roma from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence association, Macho Factory’s Macho Serge and Lucas Entertainment exclusive Valentin Amour.

Voting is underway globally throughout March 24.

For more information, GrabbysEurope.com.


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2023-03-08 23:30:00

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