NerdPervert Star Craig Colson Reportedly Passes Away

LONDON — The UK-based Dusk Films reports that Craig Colson, 31, a performer who made regular appearances for its Nerd Pervert brand, has passed away.

For six years, Colson played a shy, but lovable „third nerd“ who was the childhood friend of director, producer and costar Paul Taylor; he first appeared in cameo roles before graduating to main character status.

„The minute I met him, I knew we had found our shy nerd and that the episodes I had been writing were a perfect fit for him,“ Taylor told XBIZ. „He was a natural. It was thanks to the casting of Craig, and Chris Cummings later on, that made Nerd Pervert new again. The dynamic was really something to watch on camera.“

Colson recently filmed a group of episodes for a new series from Dusk Films focused on burglars who hook up with the women whose homes they are robbing.

„Craig really came into his own, leading the brand with his realistic and approachable personality that was really all just him; there was no acting,“ said Taylor. „Over the years, he had taken time out, and the [last] time he never came back to set. It was normal for him to need time out for himself to reassess and reset. Working in the adult industry, sometimes we all need to just take time and live a normal life.“

It was during Colson’s most recent sabbatical when a loved one informed Dusk Films that Colson had passed.

„For three weeks, we were trying to reach him, but he was already gone,“ said Chris Cummings. „We made a good team and always had a laugh on set, but people have their demons, even if you can’t see them from the outside.“

Taylor added that „a big sendoff, when the time is right“ is planned for Colson’s character to honor the work the performer put into the Nerd Pervert series. „Right now, we are just remembering the good times, and thinking of his family at this hard time.“

XBIZ will update this story as warranted.

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