MaleEdge Releases Limited-Edition Lara De Santis Device

MaleEdge Releases Limited-Edition Lara De Santis Device

DENMARK — DanaMedic ApS, parent company of penile extension device manufacturer MaleEdge, has released a limited-edition device signed by performer and brand ambassador Lara De Santis.

„Penile enlargement is not a taboo anymore,“ said De Santis. „Everyone can achieve it through a safe and reliable method with Male Edge, a patented CE/FDA-cleared penis enlargement device.“

De Santis noted „it’s like going to the gym: if you train yourself with the device every day for a few hours, applying a slight stretch to the shaft of the penis, it will naturally grow new tissue, resulting in a longer and thicker penis over time. We call it ‚penis fitness.'“

A MaleEdge traction device „stresses the tissues with a gradual stretch, which then allows the body to adapt naturally by building supplementary tissue. This affects both length and girth, and results are permanent. You need to invest four to six months with five to six hours of treatment per day to get a 28% increase in erect length, and 19% in girth,“ she explained.

She noted MaleEdge „has been on the market for 25 years, with 1 million units sold all over the world.

„Results are proven by medical trials, and by the data gathered from thousands of satisfied customers. MaleEdge can also help treating ED, and straighten a curved penis,“ she continued. „If you buy my Male Edge Limited Edition, you will also have the chance to win participation in a photo shoot with me, and spend a nice day together.“

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