TanTan Evan Joins Fetish Creator Yoshi Kawasaki in ‚Stamina‘

TanTan Evan Joins Fetish Creator Yoshi Kawasaki in 'Stamina'

LAS VEGAS — Kink and fetish content creator Yoshi Kawasaki headlines „Stamina“ for his eponymous website opposite adult newcomer and burgeoning premium social media star TanTan Evan.

Evan, a Korean-American fetish creator, boasts nearly 370,000 Twitter followers.

The new vignette takes a „standard male sexual encounter and turns up the erotic volume to ’11,'“ a rep said. „The roles of ‚top‘ and ‚bottom‘ are exaggerated, with Yoshi as the insatiable bottom, and TanTan as the brutal top so horned-up that he carries his partner across the room impaled on his impressive endowment.“

Kawasaki praised the collaboration.

„We both put our individual flavors into the scene,“ he said. „Between TanTan’s vigorous topping, and my kinky, twisted mind, we came up with the idea to blindfold me and tie me up with vinyl tape. Initially, we planned to do more fetish-y stuff, but once we began with the initial kissing, we just went with the flow.“

His costar is „quite new to the porn industry, which was surprising. He built that massive following on social media in just a few months,“ Kawasaki added. „But after fucking with him, I can totally see why. TanTan knows how to use his big tool and just keeps going in every position imaginable. I normally can take dicks for a long time, but in ‘Stamina’ he managed to tire even me.“

Earlier this month, Kawasaki and fellow kink auteur Axel Abysse jointly released „One Take,“ a fisting vignette filmed at last year’s SNAP (Sex Workers‘ Narratives, Arts & Politics) Conference that includes a discussion and a Q&A session addressing issues related making adult content and fetish sex.

„Stamina“ debuts Friday; for more information, click here and follow Yoshi Kawasaki and TanTan Evan on Twitter. – Gay

2023-05-18 16:50:31

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